What YOU can do!

Here is how you can help!  

Here are 4 immediate steps you can take to assist us in this struggle:

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1. Contact your Congress Members (Senator and Representative) here.  Let them know that we need their support. Ask them to contact the Treasury Department to ask them to stop this political persecution and harassment against IFCO 

 Here is a script and some background information you can use for your calls.   Version en español  

Email us with the results of your call at ifco@igc.org 

2.  Contact the Treasury Department/IRS and request to stop the political persecution and harassment against IFCO by clicking here.  And request to stop the political persecution and harassment against IFCO.  

3.  We desperate need your financial support to help cover our legal expenses. Donate to IFCO.  Visit us at www.ifconews.org and make a secure donation on line.  Or call us at 212-926-5757 or send your check payable to IFCO to:


    418 West 145th Street

    New York, NY 10031

4.  Ask your networks to help publicize this attack against us. We need your help to spread the word about this vicious attack against people of faith and conscience and IFCO's firm and principled stand to protect our right to be in fellowship with our brothers and sisters in struggle. And spread the word on:

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